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Excellent Houses, LLC's mission is to improve depressed properties in nice neighborhoods:
  • Find
    • Observation in preferred neighborhoods
    • Internet: Public sites and the MLs
    • Scouts: Casual and Contracted
    • Associates: Investment Groups, General Networking, Ads
  • Values
    • After-Rehab Value (ARV) 150K to 10M
    • 65% of ARV
  • Exit Strategies
    • Rehab by
      • Exellent Houses
      • Investor
    • Sell
      • Wholesale to another Investor
      • Retail to an End Buyer
    • Hold
      • Only properties with PITI on 7% loan for full ARV, that is less than median rents in area
      • Use and the formula ARV x 0.8% is less than median rents
  • Partner
    • Private-Money Lenders
    • Co-Investors
    • Other Wholesalers
  • Types of Properties
    • Single-Family Homes
    • Multi-Family: up to 6 (residential) or large enough for two on-site managers
    • Small Commercial: small footprint, high-rise OK, smal parking lot
  • Buying Interests
    • Bank Owned
    • During Construction
    • Expiring Lease Option
    • Foreclosure
    • Fast/Cash
    • No/Low Loan
    • Pre-Foreclosure
    • Short Sale
    • Subject-to
    • Wholesale
  • Preferred Areas
    • Metro Denver
      • Downtown Denver
      • Denver near University and Colorado BLvds, south of 6th Ave
      • Park Hill
      • Jefferson, Douglas, Broomfield and Boulder Counties
      • Arapahoe County, excluding Montebello
    • Other
      • Colorado Springs
      • Fort Collins
      • Grand Junction
Contact Us

  Call Kenton Johnson, Principle Real Estate Investments Manager,
 Littleton CO, 303-770-4022
  We welcome Buyers (Wholesale & Retail), Sellers (Wholesale & Owners), and Real Estate Resources (Lenders, Contractors, Title Companies, Appraisers & Services/Suppliers)

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Zip Code (5 digits)
Daytime Phone
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   Buying (what type properties? max loan/cash? fix? flip?)
   Selling (what type properties?)
   Where prefer (Denver, metro suburbs, elsewhere?)

Typical Available Properties
    Listing, similar to the email announcement
    Full Internet Listing
    Full Analysis (PDF link)
    Listing, similar to the email announcement
    Full Internet Listing
    Full Analysis (PDF link)
    Listing, similar to the email announcement
    Full Internet Listing
    Full Analysis (PDF link)